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Not the most glamorous of subject matters but it’s definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made to date.

As double figure temperatures herald the arrival of Spring the R Nine T has survived unscathed from a damp winter courtesy of the deluxe cover it was treated to at the outset of winter. It was ridden here and there over the dark months, not because the rider couldn’t deal with the cold, but because I didn’t want the paintwork to be impaired by salty roads. The Boneville I previously owned had suffered at the hands of a few harsh winters and I wasn’t going to let the same fate happen to the BMW, so a new coat was ordered, one that would take everything that winter could throw at it while giving it some sort of luxury.

Wunderlich had a new outdoor cover which met my needs and after a very lengthy session of perusing the NippyNormans’ website (a treasure trove of Motorrad goodness) an order was placed for the king of covers. It’s huge and will cover every bike in BMW’s range even a fully loaded K1600 and as you can see from the pictures it completely covers the R nine T.

It’s made of a heavy 100% waterproof fabric that keeps the rain out but allows any moisture build up to dissipate through it’s breathable membrane. There were a couple of occasions when there was some dampness but only after I’d ridden it and then come back to it a few hours later and ridden it again in near zero temperatures. The inside is coated in a fabric to prevent any damage to paintwork and I can confirm that after 5 months there’s not a mark on it from cover. It is weighted nicely and doesn’t flap around in windy conditions and each end is elasticated to ensure a snug fit but not at the expense of width which ensures your header pipes don’t burn anything. My previous cover was devoured on a daily basis by the boxer headers and resembled a mesh rather than a cover.

At £69 it’s a no brainer considering what you’re happy to spend on a bike in the first place and it doesn’t draw attention to itself like other covers I’ve owned. It’s done its job to perfection and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Check out NippyNormans for more info on the cover and then have a gander at the other goodies.


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