Saroléa IOM TT Zero Bike

Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it has to look like Tron’s Lightcycle.

Belgian bike company Saroléa return to the Isle of Man for the third year with their beautiful retro looking SP7. This one is Lee Johnston’s bike and the other (which will be unveiled on the island) will be ridden by Dean Harrison. They hope to improve on the 4th and 5th places they got in their previous attempts, missing out on a podium in their inaugural attempt by a mere 0.4 seconds.

They’ve a heap of upgrades on this version and with two experienced riders onboard they should be looking good for a podium this time out. 2016 will see Saroléa hit 120mph+ and is set to be the most exciting race to date in electric motor history at the TT Zero.

2016 Technical Specification:
Manufacturer: Saroléa
Bike model name: SP7
Frameset: Full Carbon monocoque frame
Motor type: Brushless DC electric motor triphased
Transmission: Chain – 1 speed Ceracarbon Alu-Ceramic sprockets
Front brake: Beringer 4 pistons Radial Aerotec®
Rear brake: Beringer 4 pistons Radial Aerotec®
Rear brake disc: CeraCarbon Alu-Ceramic
Suspension: Öhlins FGR 300 + CeraCarbon upgrade
Swingarm: Carbon fibre
Max Speed: 320 KpH
Acceleration: 0-100 KpH 2.8 sec
Battery: Lithium-ion
CO2 emission: 0 gr/km
Front Tyre: Bridgestone Battlax Racing
Rear Tyre: Bridgestone Battlax Racing

For more info contact:

Anne Powys-Keck – – 07523 464056 – @PRO_PR1

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