Mad Max goes electric

Called the Midnight Runner, this electric custom is the result of a collaboration between Energica and Apache Motorcycle Customs.

Taking style cues from an 70s endurance racer, the electrifying custom features a hand crafted fairing and ends in a squared-off seat unit typical of that period. Spotlights from a rally car have been mounted at the head of the Midnight Runner for headlights and it sports a trick looking series of red LED lights for the brake lights. The full package has then been coated in a classy British Racing Green paintjob.

The overall appearance of the bike may have a classic aesthetic but as the Midnight Runner started life as an Energica Eva, it has a high voltage 100kW electric powerplant that is capable of reaching 0 to 60mph in three seconds and a top speed of 124mph. On top of the cutting-edge electric motor the Midnight Runner also features upside down forks, Brembo radially mounted brakes and Pirelli slicks.

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