Live action Akira concept art

This series of concept art gives the best look at what the proposed live action Akira film may have looked like.

The Americanized live action Akira film from Warner Bros and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production house has been in the pipeline since 2008 and this artwork was revealed by Ruairi Robinson, the director who was initially attached to the failed project.

The revealed artwork gives us his glimpse of the Neo-Tokyo setting (although more likely to be New York) with what looks like Chris Evans in the fan-favourite role of Kaneda and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tetsuo, now with the more American-friendly name of Travis.

Visually the bikes from the cult anime look on the mark from the concept art, with Kaneda’s iconic red motorcycle having a similar shape and splashing of stickers.

Check out more of the artwork at Ruairi Robinson’s personal website, along with some of his fantastic sci-fi shortfilms.

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