300bhp supercharged Kawasaki H2R

Kawasaki’s H2R has been worth the wait and it was expected that this supercharged prototype was going to be something special, but what was unveiled in Cologne was a green monster with a 296bhp supercharged inline-four engine in trellis frame and single-sided swingarm coated in carbon fibre bodywork.

To put the power of the H2R into perspective, previously the most powerful supersport bike was the BMW S1000RR which pumped out 199bhp, this has now been crushed by the near-300bhp of Kawasaki’s chaotic machine.

What Kawasaki displayed at INTERMOT is a pure-bred track bike as the the H2R lacked anything found on a road going bike such as lights, indicators and mirrors, plus there is the fact that it has Bridgestone race rubber.
The heart of the H2R is where Kawasaki have shown their pride, the engine is a 998cc inline-four likely from the firm’s ZX-10R but with the addition of a centrifugal supercharger.

When it comes to forced induction, Kawasaki has chosen the most efficient option as the centrifugal supercharger generates less power-sapping heat. It works by using a spinning impeller that rotates at a high speed forcing air into the airbox, this increased airflow then creates a greater pressure to burn more fuel resulting in power beyond belief.

No specifications have been released for the bike yet, but Kawasaki have promised that the H2R will “offer the kind of acceleration most riders had never experienced.” The engine is contained in compact sports bike chassis with a bold green trellis frame, wrapped in angular carbon fibre fairings with aerodynamic spoilers for high speed stability.
Unveiled after weeks of teaser videos Kawasaki have really shown off their engineering prowess with the H2R and another road-friendly version is expected with the H2 to be revealed at a later date.

At the nose of the H2R’s dramatic face is the River Mark logo, something Kawasaki reserves for truly special projects and you can tell that Kawasaki are seriously proud of their work on the H2R, after drafting in all of KHI to produce a truly special motorcycle that is a huge departure from what Kawasaki usually produce.

But with the H2R Kawasaki have really pulled the rug from under the motorcycle world with the first production bike to feature a supercharger and an innovative balls to the wall machine that nothing can stand against, silencing the mighty Honda when everyone has been waiting patiently for a V4 superbike from the big H.

Thank you Kawasaki for making superbikes interesting again.

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