R Nine T

I blame several things, the first is Cherry company and the second are my friends Ben and Hogey.

They are the individuals I hold responsible for the almost overnight decision to sell my Bonneville and my Ducati in favour of an R Nine T. I’d never ridden one (though I had ridden air-cooled 1200s before )but still declined a test ride in order to get one on order asap. I’ve never had the pleasure of buying a new bike before, yes I’d ridden new bike back when I worked on TWO/Visordown but it was a genuinely enjoyable experience and all led up to the moment when the keys are handed over.

In the back of my mind I had visions of repeating the experience of a mate who’d bought his pride and joy from the same dealer, thrown his leg over it and subsequently dropped it in front of everyone but I picked up from the underground garage and rode it out without a fuss. It’s lower than you think and has a tiny bum so all in all not dissimilar to Kylie but it sounds better.

I opted for the seat hump and a few other bits and pieces with the idea that I’d stick with it in its current guise for the foreseeable future but I joined the R Nine T forum and then bumped into a guy near the Ace who’d put clipons, fender removal, tail plate relocated etc. and it looked ace.

Plans have subsequently changed. There’s loads of bits and pieces out there that may work their way onto the bike but I’ll be keeping the standard exhaust as it has quiet a lazy deep growl that pops plenty without being too annoying on the fast straight stuff.

I’ve dropped in some pics from the Rizoma catalogue and from a site called Fancy bike thing who do a Tron style LED rear light array and side arm kit for your plate.


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