The Malle Mile

Last month I was approached by a dapper chap at the bikeshed show who handed me a flyer and waxed lyrical about a grass track sprint he and his friends were hosting at a friend’s mansion and then I promptly forgot about it.

It was only when my old friend Ben suggested we go for a ride on Saturday and swing by that I put two and two together and remembered the conversation I had with the man in the suit at the shed.  Malle are Robert Nightingale and Jonathan Cazzola, a pair of London based designers who wanted to bring something special to the world of motorcycle luggage. They have done so by creating a range of  waterproof canvas bags that would grace any motorcycle with its presence (have a gander here to see their wares).


They also brought something special to the London area when they borrowed a friend’s house and set up a grass drag strip for some good old fashioned head to head racing. The Mile (in their own words) is a celebration of motorcycling, racing, custom machines, music, British motor-sports heritage and the British summertime.

To us it was a great day out in the Kent sunshine watching guys and gals rag the crap out of their beloved machines whilst catching up with friends. The house was manor like and the gardens measured in acres rather than metres but then it had to be to host this motorised garden party, everywhere you looked people were laughing and enjoying themselves. It was an homage to days gone by and Ben commented that it reminded him of the first few ‘Festival of Speeds’.


Racing had been split into various categories but ended with ‘The Derby’, names drawn out of a hat (think CCMs versus naked 999s) and you get an insight to the inappropriate lineups. Ben had managed to get a last minute entry and was throwing his beautiful AutoFabrica Scrambler around with reckless abandon but was eventually knocked out. A suitable chaotic end to a great day celebrating Englishness at it’s finest.

This should, and hopefully will, return next year but I hope that nothing changes about it because it was just right as it was.

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