Ogri – a hero for our times

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If you’re reading this in the UK, you ride motorcycles and you’re anything above 30 years old, you’ll need no introduction to Ogri.

Drawn by illustrator Paul Sample, and inspired by real events and real bikers he knew and rode with, Ogri strips ran in Bike Magazine in the UK from the 1970s until 2008 when Bike decided that a greasy biker who had a dodgy relationship with the cops might not chime with its modern readers – older, professional men running about on things costing the same as a small house.

To the rescue came the chopper/custom bike magazine Back Street Heroes, which ran the strip until this year when, after being constantly in print for more than three decades, Ogri’s weekly adventures disappeared.

Lantern-jawed, hard-drinking, super fast and mesmerically attractive to women, Ogri was the biker we all wanted to be. On his 1000cc “Norvin”, named Armageddon, there was nobody he could not beat. He was the personification of the idea that it wasn’t about the bike, but the rider. The natural enemy of the “all the gear, no idea” biker.

Moreover, the strips were deliciously complex. The main action was centre stage, but the level of background detail meant there were … Read More »

300bhp supercharged Kawasaki H2R

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Kawasaki’s H2R has been worth the wait and it was expected that this supercharged prototype was going to be something special, but what was unveiled in Cologne was a green monster with a 296bhp supercharged inline-four engine in trellis frame with a single-sided swingarm and carbon fibre bodywork.

Every day’s a school day, except in a car.

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“Male driver factor”. It’s probably not a phrase you know. Me neither, until a friend who’s a professional pollster used it.

In his trade, apparently, it describes groups of people whose answers to a given question will all, statistically, fall on one side of the available spectrum of choices.

In other words, if you ask male car drivers how good they are behind the wheel they all place themselves between ‘average’ and ‘Senna’ – almost nobody ever says ‘Honestly? I’m a bloody liability, me’.

I suppose it’s not really their fault. A century of car makers’ marketing departments and Hollywood studios telling them their driving ability is a metaphor for their sexual ability takes its toll.

This conversation came back to me recently as I flicked through a glossy motorcycle magazine. Specifically, when I got to a regular feature on how to be a better rider, written by an ex-police motorcyclist. This particular article was about safer overtakes, but the mag covers something different each month.

And in fact most bike mags do something similar, if not every issue then at least from time to time.

Now let’s be clear about something – as we all know, bikes are about speed and performance. Whether you ride … Read More »

How low can you go, Marquez?

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After finishing fourth at Brno, Marc Marquez was proven that he is in fact human. However, in the post-race test at the Czech circuit the Spaniard displayed a feat that shows he is actually still a freak of nature.

Motos Classique de Chimay

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We had a plan. It was a simple plan. A few of us would meet up on the Friday morning, jump on the chunnel and have breakfast in continental Europe.